We wanted something DIFFERENT.


We wanted clean air, the smell of nature and dirt under our toes.

We wanted our kids to wake up early to feed the animals and fall into bed dog-tired after a full day.

We wanted them to know where their food came from. We wanted them to be a part of it. We wanted it to matter to them.

We wanted the joy that can only come from newly hatched baby chicks, freshly picked vegetables and the antics of the family milk cow.

We wanted out of the rat race, the traffic, the concrete, the smog. We wanted a slower pace of living. We wanted to be farther than 20ft from our neighbor.

We knew the only place for us was out in the country, away from the big city. And so we took the leap and bought an old farmhouse on a few acres of land.

When it came time to name our farm, we knew the one as soon as we said it:

Lil Adventure Farm

Because its only a little farm with little people and (mostly) little animals.
We don’t have grand plans or a big production set up.
Its just us, and our every day adventures.

And we love every minute of it!

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